Masseria Muntibianchi is immersed in the secular olive trees of Salento, just a few steps from the town of Otranto; the AgriResort combines tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.

“Take a moment just for yourself. Immerse yourself in nature. Enjoy the feeling of freedom and let yourself be pampered. ” These are the first sensations you will experience when arriving in the Masseria Muntibianchi, a hotel  built in respect of nature and local traditions, where the colors of Lecce stone blend with the blue sea of ​​Otranto.

AgriResort Masseria Muntibianchi is located between Giurdignano and Otranto, the most eastern city of Italy, washed by the Adriatic Sea and characterized by the most beautiful beaches of the Salento coast: you will be able to admire the magic of Baia dei Turchi (the Bay of the Turks) or the unique atmosphere of the Alimini Lakes.

The beauty of the olive trees, the scents of Mediterranean vegetation, the white walls of the Masseria will attract your attention. The Masseria tells us a story where the Lecce stoneSalento‘s olive groves and dry stone walls blend in harmony with modernity and tradition.

On the one hand high technology and attention to materials, choice of every detail, comfort and exclusivity, while on the other ancient traditions made of good food, typical products and nature.

You will find it in Puglia, precisely in the heart of Salento and namely in AgriResort Muntibianchi, where traditions and modernity marry in a unique and romantic atmosphere.

The lobby welcomes our guests with its barrel vault and the lively stone fireplace to warm up the most beautiful emotions.

Walking along the boardwalk, immersed in the olive trees, you will come to the two suggestive salt water pools, including a heated hydro massage.

Behind it, there is a cave where you can relax and be the protagonist of a charming relaxation room and a nature trail where you can run or have revitalizing bicycle rides.

Let yourself be carried away by the beauty of Masseria Muntibianchi.

Antonio and Giuseppina have realized the dream of building a Masseria that speaks of them, a combination of tradition and modernity, in a splendid setting of the Salento hinterland, a stone’s throw from Otranto.

The name AgriResort Muntibianchi was born from this union: “Agri” stands for tradition, a link to the Salento area and typical products from their farm, while “Resort” stands for comfort, modernity, technology and exclusivity.

Antonio received his hospitality diploma and worked for many years in the tourism sector. Giuseppina comes from a Salento farm, handed down for generations and specialized in the production of olive oil.

Antonio and Giuseppina know every detail of the places where they were born and believe in the values ​​of the earth, in the simplicity of things, in respect for nature and in good food.

They deeply love Salento, the Sea of ​​Otranto, the culture of the territory and cultivate their garden in respect of nature.

The bond with their land was strong enough to design an innovative, special dream that spoke of tradition in a modern way.

One day they decided to put their experiences together and marry the “Agri” tradition of the typical products of Salento, grown at home, and the exclusivity of the “Resort”.

The AgriResort Masseria Muntibianchi starts from this dream.